Here is an archive of all our monthly walks since the group formed in Jan 2015.

May 2022, Thurs 12th. Scotchel and Jones Mill nature reserves, Pewsey

April 2022, Sun 24th. Wilton Brail, Holloway

March 2022, Sun 20th. Juggs Wood, Stype Wood

March 2022, Thurs 10th, Stype, Bagshot, Standen, Canal

February 2022, Sun 27th, The Brails

February 2022, Thurs 17th. The Brails

January 2022, Sunday 23rd, Stock Common, Chisbury Woods

January 2022, Thursday 13th. Little Bedwyn and Burridge Heath

December 2021, Sunday 19th. Christmas Walk and Drinks, The Brail and Castle Copse

November 2021, Sunday 28th. Savernake Forest, Tottenham Park

November 2021, Thursday 18th. Savernake, Tottenham Park

October 2021, Sunday 17th. Chisbury, Bedwyn Common

October 2021, Thursday 14th, Canal, Hatchet Lane, Shawgrove Copse

September 2021 Bedwyn Brail, Wilton Brail, towpath

August 2021 Holloway, Roman Rd, Wilton Brail

July 2021 The Brail and towpath

June 2021 Birch Copse, Bedwyn Brail

Group walks restarted June 2021, after January lockdown restrictions eased. All restrictions lifted July 2021

From Oct 2020 Group walks suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions

Sept 2020 Little Bedwyn Burridge Heath

April to August 2020 Group walks suspended due to restrictions

Mar 2020 Burridge Heath, Gully Copse

Feb 2020 Froxfield, Cake Wood

Jan 2020 Little Bedwyn, Chisbury Chapel

Dec 2019 Christmas walk and drinks

Nov 2019 Collingbourne Woods, Ludgershall Castle

Oct 2019 The Brails

Sept 2019 Treasure Trail event

Aug 2019 Little Bedwyn, Monks Lane, Chisbury

July 2019 Guided Brail walk event

June 2019 Ramsbury, Littlecote

May 2019 Brail Access walk

Apr 2019 St Katherine’s, Heron’s Point, Bedwyn Common

Mar 2019 Bloxham, Roman Rd, Holloway

Feb 2019 The Bedwyns, Burridge Heath, Jockey Green

Jan 2019 Shalbourne, Baverstock’s Copse circular

Dec 2018 Village history walk & Christmas drinks

Nov 2018 Bedwyn village circular

Oct 2018 Bedwyn village circular postponed to Nov

Sep 2018 Treasure Trail

Aug 2018 Hens Wood, Kennet Valley

Jul 2018 Guided Brail Assisted Walk

Jun 2018 Birch Copse, Bedwyn Brail

May 2018 The Pelican to Stype Wood

Apr 2018 Dawn Chorus walk

Mar 2018 Brails in the snow

Feb 2018 Little Bedwyn, Burridge Heath

Jan 2018 Holt Pound, Savernake, Tottenham

Dec 2017 Christmas walk and wine

Nov 2017 Hatchet Lane, Bedwyn Common

Oct 2017 Wolfhall, West Grafton

Sep 2017 Hatchet Lane, Crofton Farm, towpath

Aug 2017 Treasure Trail

Jul 2017 Guided Brail Walk

Jun 2017 Wilton Water circular

May 2017 Holloway, Wilton Brail

Apr 2017 The Pelican, Juggs Wood, Stype

Mar 2017 Bedwyn circular

Feb 2017 Burridge Heath, Folly Farm, Brail

Jan 2017 Little Bedwyn, Chisbury Chapel

Dec 2016 towpath walk and drinks

Nov 2016 Heron’s Point, Monk’s Lane

Oct 2016 towpath, Roman Rd, Wilton Brail

Sep 2016 Treasure Trail

Aug 2016 Webb’s Gully, Galley Lane

Jul 2016 Guided Brail walk

Jun 2016 Crofton to Tottenham boundary

May 2016 Stock Common

April 2016 Treasure Trail

Mar 2016 Chisbury wood, Horse Copse, Shawgrove

Feb 2016 Lower Slope End Farm, Poledon, Bagshot

Jan 2016 St Katherines, Tottenham, Durley, Savernake

Dec 2015 Bedwyn rights of way and refreshments

Nov 2015 Brail Farm and the Brails

Oct 2015 Wilton Brail, Roman Rd, towpath

Sep 2015 Bedwyn Common, St Katherines

Aug 2015 Walk cancelled – bad weather

Jul 2015 Guided Brail walk

Jun 2015 Galley Lane, Jockey Green, Bedywn Brail

May 2015 Crofton Farm, Bloxham, Hatchet Lane

Apr 2015 Chisbury, Forest Hill, Back Lane

Mar 2015 Chisbury Wood, Forest Hill, Hatchet Lane

Feb 2015 towpath, Brail Farm

Jan 2015 Bedwyn Footpaths Group First Monthly Walk – Costers Hill